Best Moscow Mule Recipe For Beginners

The Moscow mule is basically a cocktail that is made using vodka, lime, and ginger beer.  These days, it is often served in highball glasses, but if you want to be traditional, you can serve it using a copper mug that has a garnishing of sprig of mint on it.  Although you may think that Moscow mule is a cocktail that was invented in Russia, it is not, but that is forgivable.  The truth is that this drink was invented back in 1941 by John G. Martin in the U.S.

Best Moscow Mule Recipe

Best Moscow Mule Recipe

While the proportioning may differ with some when making Moscow mule, the best Moscow mule recipe will always be the traditional way of making it:

  • 4.5cl – vodka
  • 0.5cl – lime juice
  • 12cl – ginger beer

The indications in making this cocktail will be combining the vodka and ginger beer first using a highball glass that is packed with ice, then adding the lime juice and stirring the mix gently.  This cocktail is best served on copper mugs on the rocks.  It is then garnished with a sprig of mint, or more often these days with a slice of lime.

The Moscow mule is actually a very refreshing cocktail drink that is very popular among U.S. drinkers.  The best Moscow mule recipe with ginger beer will always be the most favored recipe in the making of Moscow mule.  This is actually the very reason why customers love it and what makes it very refreshing to drink.  Whether you’re a vodka drinker, a casual drinker, or someone who likes fine cocktail drinks mixes, the Moscow mule will always be a fun and great tasting alcoholic drink that has survived many decades.

The spotlight on Moscow mule has been on again recently as many bar goers have been talking about this great drink.  While it may sound new to many, the Moscow mule is actually many decades old.  The reason why it is not as popular as some drinks is because it has been trampled by popularity of the likes of Martinis, screwdrivers, tequila sunrise, margarita, and other widely known cocktails.  Introducing people to the taste of Moscow mule is actually like a breath of fresh air to them thanks to the refreshing compliment of the ginger beer inside the mix.